Beretta 1301 Magpul Stock Adapter By Aridus Industries

    For a few months Aridus Industries has been teasing the industry with photos of a Beretta 1301 with a Magpul SGA stock. Nathan S. posted about it back in May. Well Aridus Stock Adapter (ASA) is now up for pre-order for $75. Aridus Industries is also running a separate pre-order package deal with a Magpul SGA Stock for $160. The package deal means you get a Magpul SGA stock for only $85. Not bad for that stock. Aridus Industries is using a Mossberg Magpul SGA stock for their ASA. It will not work with a Remington SGA stock. The SGA Stock and ASA package deal is only available through the pre-order until September 15. After that, Aridus Industries will no longer be carrying the SGA stock on their website.


    The difficult part of the ASA was the custom hardware to mount the ASA and the stock. These double ended bolts had to be custom made due to the odd thread pitch Beretta uses for their 1301 receiver.

    The ASA and package deal will ship around the end of September. Check out Aridus Industries for more information and to pre-order your ASA now.

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