Upcoming Surefire XH35 and XC-1B Lights Leaked | 1000 Lumen Pistol Light

    On top of the Smith & Wesson M2.0 being leaked, a couple of new Surefire lights were leaked in the same photo. It looks like the upcoming Surefire XH35 and XC-1B lights are going to be revealed soon because Surefire reposted the photo of the new pistol with confirmation that the new lights are legit.

    First up is the upcoming Surefire XH35, claimed to be a 1,000 lumen handgun light. This would blow the Streamlight TLR1-HL out of the water by about 200 lumens making it the brightest factory handgun light on the market. It also appears to fit into the Surefire Masterfire holsters if the bezel is any indicator, you can check out Pete’s review of the holster HERE.

    No word as to what the light will cost but I expect it to be in line with the other handgun lights Surefire currently sells.

    Now the big mystery is this little guy, the Surefire XC-1B. No idea what the light output is going to be, no idea what the price point is and no idea what upgrades Surefire might have made to the light. I guess that we will have to wait patiently and see what Surefire tells us.

    Is this as exciting as a new pistol? I think it is. I have been long awaiting a good option from Surefire for a hard use rated light that provides 1,000 lumens to use on my carbine. Currently, I have a Streamlight HL2 Railmount on a couple of my rifles but the new XH35 will be residing on my SBR and at least one handgun as soon as I am able to get my hands on one or two of them.

    I happen to think that we will be seeing the Surefire Scout lights get an update reasonably soon as well into the 1,000 lumens or above area. When that happens, Surefire will undoubtedly have regained the crown as the weapon mounted light king in my opinion.