Simple Elegance: Field Stripping The B&T APC9

    The decision to purchase a B&T APC9 was not taken lightly. It is priced at nearly triple the cost of the CZ Scorpion and equal to that of some of the more popular MP5 builds offered to the U.S. market. And yet, for some magical reason I was drawn to the Swiss import pistol caliber carbine (pistol). Besides being unique and having a super sexy silhouette, the APC9 comes ready to suppress with a three lug contoured barrel.

    But the real selling point of this pistol-brace laden (soon to be short barreled rifle) firearm is its exquisite simplicity. I’m sure it’s manufactured with high-tech machines and designed by top engineers, but the ease at which it disassembles into a handful of precision parts is remarkable. Which is probably the definition of expert design and manufacturing.

    In any event, I wanted to field strip the APC9 for our readers in an effort to show why I enjoy owning this gun. If the MP5 were to have an heir to the SMG/PCC throne, this gun is the royal family’s first born. (Sorry UMP, I want to love you and everything, but you’ll forever be a prince in a king’s world).


    Due to import restrictions, the APC9 enters the U.S. as a pistol. SBTactical worked alongside B&T to develop a very functional folding pistol stabilizing brace.

    The APC is operated via a reciprocating side charging handle. I choose to have the handle on my weak hand side.

    Like the SCAR and opposite of the AR15, the APC line of guns from B&T is designed so that the upper receiver is the registered firearm and the lower receiver is an uncontrolled part.

    Although accurate, I consider the embedded sights to be used primarily as backup iron sights (BUIS).

    This one screw (center of the picture) is all it takes to remove the SB Tactical brace and install the folding stock.

    Pushing out the rear takedown pin frees the rear of the upper receiver to pivot on the front takedown pin. It also enables the rear trunion/buffer assembly to be removed. Push down on the stock/brace assembly (0.25″ of movement) and pull it back to remove.

    The lower assembly with captive takedown pins.

    The APC uses the same fire control group as the AR15. Many AR triggers will drop in and function as advertised. And a few selector switches as well.

    Look familiar?

    The recoil buffer assembly. It is interesting that this one includes a .40S&W designation as well as a 9mm and .45ACP. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an APC40 on the market.

    The charging handle can be swapped from side to side in under a minute without tools. With the mainspring removed, pull the bolt back to the circular notch in the receiver. Rotate and pull the handle out. Insert the handle on the opposite side using the reverse method.

    The mainspring assembly.

    The bolt and extractor. It’s weight helps with smooth cycling, especially when suppressed.

    The barreled upper receiver.

    The B&T APC9 stripped and ready for cleaning.


    APC9 and MP5 magazines for comparison.


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