NEW: Series of COLT SAFES Unveiled by Liberty Safes & Colt

    When you think of iconic and historic firearm companies it is typically a short list that comes to mind. Colt, for most enthusiasts, should be on that list. Similarly, when you think of reputable safe companies Liberty Safes comes to mind. So why not pair the two together? Colt’s legendary name and reputation proudly displayed on the front of a Liberty Safe. I personally did not sit in on the board meeting that decided this move, but the reasoning sounds plausible.

    Like the start of any new endeavor, there will be a small assortment of safes to choose from initially. You will have the opportunity to get two different long gun safes and/or one biometric handgun safe. The MSRP for the safes are as such:

    • COLT 35 – Limited Edition Gloss (35 Long Gun Storage) – MSRP $3,599
    • COLT 25 – Marble Gloss (27 Long Gun Storage) – MSRP $2,699
    • COLT Smart Vault – Biometric Handgun Safe (Key Back-Up) – MSRP $299

    The pricing on the long gun safes seems a little high in comparison to standard Liberty safes or even those made by Winchester or Browning. Conversely, the biometric handgun safe appears to be pretty affordable. Traditionally, when you add in a biometric feature, to any product for that matter, the price skyrockets.

    I will let the specification sheets speak for themselves because they are pretty thorough. Here is the product rundown of the COLT 35 safe.

    Colt Safes

    The spec sheet for the COLT 25 long gun safe can be read below.

    Colt Safes

    Finally, here is the features of the COLT Smart Vault or biometric handgun safe.

    Colt Safes

    An estimate as to when these will be available for the public has not been stated by Colt at this time. A reasonable and vague assumption can be made that it will be… “soon.”

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