The New Ergo MAST for Glock Pistols

    Ergo Mast

    Ergo Grips recently announced a new armorer’s tool for most Glock pistols. Called the Modular Armorers Stand, or MAST, the tool is a stand system that allows you to secure your Glock pistol to a bench through the magazine well.

    The MAST consists of three major parts: a base and two magazine blocks. The base mounts to a workbench or other surface. It has four pre-drilled holes for screws to connect to the work surface.

    The base also has a pair of stainless steel pins. These pins are used to connect the magazine blocks to the base. You can easily swap out the mag blocks with these pins.

    Two different sizes of magazine blocks are included: standard and large. The standard size block (called a module by Ergo Grips) fits most double stack Glock pistols such as the G17, G19, G22, G23, G26 and G27. The large module fits the G20, G21 and similarly sized Glock pistols.

    Ergo Mast

    Once you attach the appropriate size module to the base, you can slide the Glock pistol frame onto the module, and it will be held in place for you to work on. I’ve assembled a few Glock pistols and like the look of this. I’ve used a standard bench vice in the past, but this looks like a more elegant solution.

    Right now, the company does not offer a module for the G42 and G43 pistols. However, the company expects to roll out additional magazine blocks in the future. I would expect to see options for the micro Glock pistols in addition to other popular pistols like the Smith & Wesson M&P, Springfield Armory XD line, HK pistols and SIG P320.

    The MSRP for individual pieces is $19.99, while kits (a base and one module) start at $36.99.

    Richard Johnson

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