M&P M2.0 Compact Leaked | Smith & Wesson Taking The Glock 19 Head On?

    It looks like Smith & Wesson is planning to throw down with the Glock 19 in some good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs. The brand new M2.0 Compact seems to check just about every box that the Glock 19 does, AND it has more features than the Austrian wonder pistol.

    While I haven’t had extended range time with the current full-size M&P M2.0 models, I did get a chance to shoot one at a range event briefly and was extremely impressed at the improvements that have been made. The texturing was spot on, the slide serrations were super functional, and the pistol shot rather well for the couple of mags I was given.

    Take those features and apply them to an M&P Compact that is Glock 19 sized and you have a pistol that may just woo me to the dark side of striker fired handguns. Now to get my hands on one.

    Along with the promo photo that was leaked, it appears that a dealer flyer or something was leaked as well. Thankfully we see all of the specs on the pistol except for what the MSRP is, but I was able to reach out to one my sources in the industry and come up with a possible MSRP of $569 and a probable street price of $499.

    As soon as some pre-sales pop up I will update the post with a link HERE > Without Safety 9mm – .40 S&W | With Safety 9mm.40 S&W.