LedgeGrip Featureless Grip for CA AR-15s

    Not tired of California compliant product post yet? I hope not because here’s another product for those stuck behind enemy lines in the Golden State, this time it’s from B&E3D LLC and it’s called the LedgeGrip. Starting in 2018 Californians have to either register their semi-auto sporting rifles as “assault rifles” or take off all the scary features that make them so deadly. The pistol grip and adjustable stock are some of those scary features criminals love so much.

    The LedgeGrip is two products in one, it blocks the stock so you can no longer adjust it and it also prevents you from wrapping your thumb fully around the grip. To help you still grip onto the LedgeGrip and hold your rifle securely the kit includes a thumb lug to rest your thumb on. The LedgeGrip retails for $39.95 and is available for both left and right handed shooters in Tan, Green and Black. Check them out at bande3d.com.

    The LedgeGrip is one of many such accessories on the market for those in California. There’s also theĀ Survivor Systems Option Zero Stock and the Juggernaut Tactical CA Compliant Stock. And for AK owners there’s the Battle Fin California Compliant AK Grip and the Strike Industries AK Simple Featureless Grip.

    Ray I.

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