Grip Intuitively on a Ruger LC9s with LaserMax GripSense


    When it comes to a carry pistol, everything about it should be intuitive. Your ability to manipulate the functions, turn the safety on and off (if it has a manual safety), and to confidently place into action any accessories you may deem necessary. If really like or believe in lasers, then Ruger has a new combination that is both intuitive and could possibly tempt your wallet. They have combined their Ruger LC9s with LaserMax’s GripSense laser/light combo for a factory package.

    The unique ability of the LaserMax GripSense laser/light combo is that you have two activation options. The most notable and instinctual option is through the GripSense Sensor. By merely acquiring the grip of your firearm, no deviation from your normal shooting habits, it will activate. Other brands of lasers and lights may require a specific amount of pressure to activate. The GripSense; however, naturally recognizes you grabbing your firearm.


    The second option is to turn off the GripSense and resort to a manual on/off activation switch. Based on what the user prefers, you have both options available.

    The Ruger LC9s that is mated with the LaserMax GripSense is the same bread ‘n butter pistol we have always known. The MSRP is currently set at $679 for this Ruger factory package. The face value of that price sounds pretty steep, but you cannot overlook the laser/light combo you get as well. The Ruger LC9s alone markets out at $479 and the LaserMax combo goes for $199 alone. The pricing structure ┬ámakes sense.

    A complete specification sheet can be read below if this is a pistol you are wanting to add to your arsenal.


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