Crimson Trace’s “No Duh” Press Release for Glock Gen5 Lasers

    If one were falling for the marketing hype, they might seem to believe that the release of the Generation 5 Glock is a big deal… Sadly, its not just Glock trying to push removal of maligned finger grooves and flared magazine well as a basically new handgun, other companies are piling on as well.

    As the irony is hard to miss with Crimson Trace being owned by Smith & Wesson (or rather its renamed parent – American Outdoor Companies), Crimson Trace has released a Press Release that continues the hype for the Generation 5 through the hyping of its compatibility with the handguns.

    In short, the presser is touting that the previous Generation 4 compatible Laserguard wrap-around grips are compatible with the Gen 5, as Glock did not change the geometries of their grip. Of course, Crimson Trace fails to mention this, implying that their offerings are all-new like the “newly released” Gen5 handguns.

    Sometimes, I just have to hang my head in bewilderment.

    For those curious and looking for wrap-around laser adapters for their Gen 5 handguns, they are available from Crimson Trace’s dealer network. Pricing begins at $249 for the wrap-around options. Crimson Trace does have other picatinny-rail mounting options including integral light & laser units.


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