The Colt Last Cowboy SAA

    The single action Colt revolver is nearly synonymous with the cowboys of the western United States. From the reality of history to the fantasy of Hollywood, Colt wheel guns are credited with helping to tame the wild frontier.

    Talo Distributors teamed up with Colt Manufacturing Company to produce a limited edition Single Action Army (SAA) revolver that commemorates the hard-working men and women that are still employed in this profession today.

    Named the Colt Last Cowboy, this new .45 LC revolver features a number of fine embellishments that will likely attract the collector. The frame of the gun has a color case hardened finish, while the barrel has a royal blue finish. The barrel is 4.75” long.

    Contrasting these finishes are barrel and cylinder bands of 24K gold. On the back strap of the revolver is an image of a cowboy on a horse with his reflection in water. This image is also in 24K gold. Colt uses oiled walnut grips that look perfect on this handgun.

    24k gold

    The Colt Last Cowboy revolver is limited to 300 pieces. They ship with special serial numbers running from LCB001 to LCB300.

    While many people associate Cowboys with the late 1800s, in the 21st-century there are still more than 9,000 working cowboys in United States. These tough men and women make less (on average) than $20,000 per year and rarely have any of the benefits associated with a “normal” job such as health insurance and a retirement plan.

    MSRP: $2299.00

    Richard Johnson

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