POTD: Not All Night Vision Is Equal

    AZMAN42 posted these photos in a thread on AR15.com. Look at the top photo carefully. Do you notice something odd about it? The glow of the white phosphor tube from the NODs is shining on the shooter’s face. The people in the background have a soft orange glow on one side which I assume is coming from a fire or other source of light. And yet the image is bright and you can clearly see everything. Now what if I told you this photo was shot at night? Yes this was photographed at night. Given the amount of light, it looks like the moon was out and the sky was cloudless.

    Here is another photo taken during the same time.


    What sorcery is this? You could call it night vision, but it is not image intensifying, rather it is the ridiculously high ISO sensitivity of the Sony A7SII camera. As far as I know this was not your stereotypical long exposure shot.

    Here is a photo I took over a decade ago with a Sony point and shoot camera that had some limited manual controls. The photo was taken at midnight on a full moon. It was a very long exposure but it almost looks like daylight.

    If the Sony A7SII has such great night vision capabilities, why dont we see that technology in night vision goggles?