Ukrainian Special Forces Precision Rifle Competition

    Competing elements of the Ukrainian Special Operations Command came together recently to participate in a skill of arms testing precision rifle capabilities, teamwork, handgun marksmanship, care under fire, among numerous other skill sets often required by sniper teams in combat. Due to the diversity of uniforms, weapons, and equipment, it appears that each two man sniper team might have come from a different Ukrainian Special Operations unit. According to Wikipedia there are five such ground regiments (SoF regiment, not conventional) and one Naval regiment currently active in the Ukraine.

    The entire competition is very similar to the U.S. based Precision Rifle Series in many aspects. It adds in some relevancy when it comes to tactical fieldcraft such as casualty care, vehicle movement, and wearing personal protective equipment. But apart from the gear and the discipline, many of these snipers would have been at home in a PRS match, or even vice versa. Something to make note of is the use of suppressors on the rifles. Notice that events are being shot both with and without suppressors indicating a knowledge of suppressor employment, understanding that it is necessary to be able to shoot accurately suppressed and unsuppressed because point of impact changes when going from one to the other.

    From the Youtube video description-

    The first sniper tournament of the Special Forces Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine On the basis of the training center of the Special Forces Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the First Sniper Tournament was held on the Cup of the Special Forces Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    The Long Guns

    Of primary issue and use by many of the snipers present is the .308 Win Zbroyar Z-10 rifle that we reported on earlier through TFB. In our previous post we wrote that some of these SF groups were interested in the rifle, however use in this competition confirms the purchases, or at least the presence of such semiautomatic rifles among Ukrainian SF components.

    B&T APR rifles are produced in the Ukraine under license as the TS308 as was documented by Armament Research Services. The TS308s that appeared in the competition are lacking their Picatinny handguards.

    This appears to be a Remington 700 in a MacMillan stock configuration.

    And a rifle of unknown nomenclature in a wooden stock.

    Not observed in the competition but of significant mention is the Savage Arms 110 BA Precision in .300 Win Mag, also in use with some SoF groups in the Ukraine.

    Much thanks to due to Abraxas Spa for pointing out the competition and Irfan Z. for some of the arms ID!


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