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    The next time I am back home, I am going to ask if I can flip through my old school notebooks. After following Pew Doodles on Instagram for a few weeks, I had a flood of memories taking me back to daydreaming in school while drawing all types of guns. From M16s to fantasy space blasters, I’m pretty sure I sketched them all.

    However, I didn’t have the skill of this young artist. I’m thinking about commissioning a sketch of my (current) favorite gun. What is that gun you ask? No idea.

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    Pew Doodles

    Around eight years ago, back in 2009, I stumbled upon what I still recognise as the best gun-building creative app ever. I was eagerly experimenting with digital line art back then, so I reached out to the creator, Doctor Noob, if I could contribute to the app – to my indescribable delight, he said YES.

    For a few years I was drawing a lot of line art for the app, having a long list of work-in-progress, and an even longer waiting list still. I was proud to have a few of my drawings making it to the app, such as the ACR, the 98Bravo, the M200, and the F2000.

    Time flies, as I started college in 2010, graduated in 2014, and found a job at a local printing company until now. While the app has been dormant for some time, I still wish to do what I love in whatever left in my free time – drawing things that go PEW PEW. This is where you, my beloved patrons, come in.

    If you enjoy what I’m creating in my free time, this is a way of freeing up my time from work, so I can spend more time doing what I love – drawing things that go PEW PEW – creating things that you love – drawing of things that go PEW PEW.


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