[ARMY 2017] Lobaev Arms Updates Precision Rifle Line

    Lobaev Arms is a precision rifle company that produces high power precision rifles in calibers ranging from 6.5mm to .408 Chay Tac. The company is mostly focused on the civilian competition market, although the founder said in an interview to the Russian press that there were some Military contract pursuits both in Russia and outside. He wasn’t too optimistic about a Russian military contract because of the long processes involved in trial, purchase, and adoption. For the ARMY 2017 exposition, the company highlighted four updated versions of their lineup. All of the rifles are bolt action, magazine fed, with barrels mounted in a chassis system that incorporates folding stocks. In addition, the pistol grips are all AR15 based designs, so users can switch out grips to a different AR version if need be. Folding buttstocks are adjustable for cheek height, length of pull, and having a Picatinny rail for a monopod.

    The DVL-10 M1 is an integrated suppressor equipped magazine fed, bolt action precision rifle chambered in .338 Federal, and .308 Win. It has a folding stock and is very minimalist in design, incorporating only a short Picatinny section for a scope and an even shorter portion mounted on the suppressor for bipods. The company claims that their setup allows a .338 Fed round to travel to 400-600 meters subsonic while becoming supersonic thereafter. We covered this on TFB last year, with some reader submitted photographs.

    The TSVL-8 “Stalingrad” is chambered in .338 Lapua and is a skeletonized version built on the companies chassis to optimize weight reduction. It is readily recognizable by the spiral cuts in the barrel shroud, with a short Picatinny rail section bolted to the top of these shrouds for night image intensifiers.

    The DVL-10 M2 “Urban” is the companies entry into the LE market, aiming to provide a lightweight and portable precision rifle chambered in .308 Win or 6.5mm. Unlike the “Stalingrad”, it has square shaped cuts in the barrel shroud.

    The DXL-3 is the companies competition .338 Lapua, weighing more than the previous models due to the full barrel shroud that incorporates a full-length 12 o’clock Picatinny rail, in addition to a 6 o’clock portion. It also has sections along the sides that can have rail sections attached to them.


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