Sierra Bullets is Under NEW Ownership

    Clarus Corporation

    Sierra Bullets got started way back in 1947 in the mysterious land of California. The company was created and established during the booming shooting market after World War II by three people: Frank Snow, Jim Spivey & Loren Harbor. For 22 years these three molded, developed and grew Sierra Bullets. Then, in 1969 BHH Management acquired the company from those founding members. For almost 50 years BHH Management solidly ran Sierra Bullets. Now the time has come to pass the baton once again. Clarus Corporation has recently acquired Sierra Bullets.

    Clarus Corporation is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: CLAR) and are the same owners of Safariland and a few other sporting companies. Sometimes new ownership brings significant changes, both positive and negative, but with this regime change it looks to beĀ steady as she goes.

    Sig Sauer’s V-Crown ammunition has become pretty popular since its inception, and Sierra Bullets manufactures the V-Crown projectile. More recently, Sierra Bullets has begun to sell the V-Crown as a component item. Also, the Tipped Matchking has performed well on targets and in sales against strong opponents like the Nosler Accubond Long-Range (ABLR), Hornady ELD, and Federal Trophy Bonded Tip. All of the aforementioned tips have insanely good ballistic coefficients and compete for long-range shooter’s wallets.

    With all of the solid, positive momentum Sierra Bullets has in place many reloaders and investors are not hoping to see big changes from Clarus Corporation acquiring Sierra Bullets; and they will not.

    A complete overview of Clarus Corporation acquiring Sierra Bullets can be read on the Sierra Bullets blog.

    In summation…

    • Sierra Bullets is not moving…
    • People are not being fired and the staff is not getting re-arranged…
    • The products are not getting overhauled for something experimental and different…

    You can still buy those good bullets in green boxes like you always have.

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