Magpul PMag Adopted by US Air Force

    The United States Air Force has become the second US military service to adopt the Magpul PMag as their standard rifle magazine. According to the document USAF AUTHORIZED SMALL ARMS and LIGHT WEAPONS (SA/LW) ACCESSORIES (as of 28 July 17) the Magpul PMag Gen M3 magazine will be replacing both the legacy grey body USGI magazines, as well as the new tan body/blue follower Enhanced Performance magazine in USAF service. The document can be viewed here, but the relevant segment is excerpted below:

    This decision came just one week after the leak of a USMC test showing the Gen M3 PMag beating the Army’s new EPM magazine handily in a weapon reliability test – with the EPM coming in dead last after both legacy and proprietary magazines. Seven months prior, the United States Marine Corps announced they were also dropping legacy magazines as well as the Enhanced Performance Magazine in favor of the Gen M3 PMag, likely as a result of this and/or similar tests conducted by the service but not released to the public. The Air Force’s notice only serves as further confirmation that the Army’s Enhanced Performance Magazine, despite its promised improvement in reliability, has proven to be an unrecoverable failure in the eyes of the other services. Also, a recently released Soldier Enhancement Program for off the shelf polymer magazines seems to indicate that this has been recognized by the Army itself, to some degree at least.

    H/T, Soldier Systems Daily

    Nathaniel F

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