Civilian versions of the HK416F – MR223 F-S and MR223 F-C destined for France only

    The French importer of Heckler & Koch in France, RUAG Defence, have announced that they are going to sell two civilian versions of the HK416F.

    They have been named MR223 F-S (14.5″ Standard version) and MR223 F-C (11″ Short version).

    I guess that “S” Stands for Standard and “C” for “Court”, as in “Short”.

    As you can see on the lower receiver both these MR223s are semi auto fire only, category B in the EU.

    As you may know, the MR223 is called MR556 in the USA. The MR223 was introduced in 2007 to the civilian market. To my knowledge the first version is not compatible with AR15 lowers as it has got different pin holes.

    Both of these new civilian versions will have the same design of flash hider, rounded trigger guard, flip-up iron sights etc. as the HK416F for the French Army.

    The French Army’s HK416F originates from the HK416 A5.

    I don’t know the gun laws in France in detail, but I guess it may be difficult even for active sport shooters to get a firearms license for rifles with short barrels like this. The EU gun ban has already been voted, and many EU countries are changing their laws in 2017 and 2018 to fulfill the new, harder requirements, and it’s not going to facilitate ownership.

    Below: The MR223 F-C with the short 11″ barrel.

    Gun collectors need to be swift to secure their rifle. Both the MR223 FS and the MR223 FC will be produced in very limited series.

    There will be only 30 to 50 rifles of each version made and it seems they are already booked by French gun stores.

    Below: The MR223 F-S with the standard 14.5″ barrel.




    I was able to find at least one French dealer that have the new rifles listed.

    Check here for yourself and book one if you have the interest and possibility.

    HK MR223 F-S

    Calibre : .223
    Capacité : 30 coups
    Canon : 14.5″
    Prix : 2594€
    Nouveau modèle en dotation pour l’Armée Française
    Réservation fortement conseillée, série limitée.


    HK MR223 F-C

    Calibre : .223
    Capacité : 30 coups
    Canon : 11″
    Prix : 2580€
    Nouveau modèle en dotation pour l’Armée Française
    Réservation fortement conseillée, série limitée.


    Translated: “New model for the French Army – Reservation highly recommended, limited edition.”

    That’s about 3 100 USD for the MR223 F-S with the short 14.5″ barrel. The 11″ is about the same, give or take a few dollars.

    The price is in line with the normal HK MR223 A3.


    Below: MR223 F-C clearly visible on upper and lower.

    For more details about the HK416F please check this article, or many others from TFB on the subject.

    It would be really cool, and I’m sure appreciated, if Heckler & Koch USA could release something similar on the US market. A special version of the MR556A1, or why not an MP7…

    Thanks to Retex Mag for the tip.

    Eric B

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