Walther Updates the P22 Pistol: P22QD

    Blue Walther P22 QD

    Walther Arms announced it updated the P22 pistol with a new safety and captured recoil spring. Called the P22QD, the new gun is very similar to the old design, though it may have a bit more appeal to some shooters.

    With the safety, Walther Arms elected to ensure the gun could not be cocked or carried cocked with the safety in the on position. Instead, a cocked gun is decocked if the slide mounted safety is engaged. When the safety is off and the gun is capable of firing, the system acts as a normal DA/SA style gun. This is similar to the decocking safeties used on guns like the Beretta 92 series and the third generation Smith & Wesson pistols.

    FDE Walther P22 QD

    The other significant change to this pistol is the use of a captured recoil spring. This should prevent any unintentional launches across the room when field stripping the gun.

    Walther Arms is careful to note that the California version of the pistol will not change. This, presumably, is to maintain the gun’s place on the state’s approved gun roster.

    If you are not familiar with the P22 series, the P22QD is a handgun chambered for the .22 LR rimfire cartridge. The guns have a 5″ barrel, interchangeable back straps, a picatinny rail and a 10 round magazine. A variety of colors are available.

    Richard Johnson

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