NEW Lancer Systems .300 Blackout Magazines

    Just like that – on the background of total solar eclipse, Lancer Systems has announced their new AR-15 magazines optimized and dedicated for use with the .300 Blackout cartridge. The new magazine is called L5AWM-B. It is based on their L5AWM magazine design. Probably the added “B” in the new magazine’s name stands for Blackout.

    As expected from a .300 Blackout version of a 5.56 magazine, its internal geometry is redesigned to allow a wider range of projectiles to be loaded into it. Some .300 Blackout bullets may cause issues when loaded into 5.56/.223 magazines because of the front guide ribs of the 5.56 magazines.

    The new magazine is not yet listed on Lancer Systems’ website. No pricing information has been released either. All is known is that these new magazines are available for distributor pre-order.

    At the beginning of this year, Magpul has announced about their dedicated .300 Blackout magazine. In case of Magpul, the MSRP for their .300 BLK magazine is only a dollar more ($15.95 vs $14.95) than the price of their comparable generation 5.56/.223 magazine. I think Magpul’s new magazine announcement is probably what made Lancer Systems to offer their version of the .300 BLK magazine to get a piece from the .300 BLK magazine market pie, too. That being said, I think the pricing strategy should also be identical. Right now the MSRP for Lancer Systems L5AWM magazine is $21.99 on their website. So I think the MSRP of L5AWM-B should not exceed $24 or so.

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