Lucas Burnley’s Knife Gun

    The knife maker Lucas Burnley challenged himself with a 365 day long Knife Design Marathon.

    Every day, for a year, he should sketch a new knife. Each sketch should take about fifteen minutes to draw. The result can be found at BRNLY365 Instagram.

    There are some really interesting designs in there, and I think at least two will make it to production.

    Where are the firearms you ask?

    Well one of the knifes that caught my interest was the Gun-knife, from his day 183.

    Or should we call it a Revolver-knife?

    It looks like there is some inspiration taken from this old, made in USA cutlass pistol. Apparently it’s worth about $15 000. Source.

    Another Gun-knife is the Norwegian 1846-1854 Postførerverge Knife-Pistol. According to Forgotten Weapons only 152 were ever made by the Kongsberg Armory. Back then reloading was a bit slower and more unreliable than nowadays, but then you had the bayonet in your hand already.

    I think these were made in times when the Postmen had a little more responsibility and tasks in society than today…

    YouTube: Norwegian 1846-1854 Postførerverge Knife-Pistol

    Which caliber would you like your Gunknife in?

    I think Mr. Burnley is most famous for his Kwaiken design, I think it’s a great flipper.

    You can learn more about Mr. Burnley here:

    Eric B

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