Apex Gun Parts Surplus Warehouse Tour

    Apex Gun Parts is a surplus importer and distributor based in Colorado Springs, that stocks a large amount of inventory for the surplus parts and parts kits manufacturing industries in the United States. The owner, Jeff Selvig was kind enough to give TFB a personal tour of the warehouse and some of the behind the scenes inventory that the company sells through its online presence, in addition as a wholesaler to various manufacturers and stores throughout the industry. Unlike other portions of the firearms industry, the surplus sector is very unique. For one, the collectors and shooters that make it up can be a very passionate group that pursue their historical tastes very thoroughly. Also unlike other parts of the industry, the surplus one is directly tied to the supply of parts and importation of them as well. When they dry up, there can be little hope of new ones entering the market. On the other hand, politics can greatly influence the market that take down importation bans.

    This shelf shows an entire length of various rifle parts, primarily IMI Galils. There are numerous

    Magazines upon magazines, the company had an entire aisle filled to the top with nothing but boxes of magazines. This was just their individual picks as it had entire conex boxes in the back filled with bulk magazines. 

    These are DDR MPi-KM parts kits waiting to be sold.

    Odd that a surplus company would have modern parts, but it does. Jeff mentioned that it was necessary to be able to sell modern components in order to make up for inevitable losses and shortfalls in the surplus market when times go dry on supply. 

    This CETME Armorers kit was particularly unique, coming with an entire and complete issue of what an armorer in the field would have required to get a rifle back into working condition at that forward echelon of care.


    Trench Art, mostly from the results of the break up of the former Yugoslavia. Apex has far too much to individually pick out, post on their website, and sell, but if you call them, you can ask to get something randomly.

    Inert Landmines

    Apex had something like several hundred inert Anti-Tank landmines imported from Europe. Most were just trainers that militaries had made for training purposes, but others were formerly actual landmines that were made safe and then into inerts. I thought this was so hilarious to have landmines for sale and such a novelty that I personally bought one and am thinking about turning it into some sort of floor piece. I think even funnier, would be bolting it to the concrete section of a future driveway so guests have to park right over it as they drive in…


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