Allegiance Ammunition SilentStrike Subsonic .223

    When prospective suppressor owners mention looking for subsonic .223 ammunition, my first impulse is to say “novelty” or “expensive .22lr”. After all, achieving low velocities is usually accomplished by anemic powder charges or heavy bullets. The later, fitting anything over ~80 grains in a 223 Remington case, is a challenge. However, Allegiance Ammunition is selling the SilentStrike – a 110gr frangible .223 round That never breaks the sound barrier.

    Granted, 110 grains is about half of the weight of a standard 300 Blackout round, the current king of AR15 rifle suppression. On the other hand, the bullet weight is about double that of a standard .223 round. Meaning even though the velocity isn’t there, the extra mass should help with terminal ballistics.

    Like most longer bullets, a higher rate of twist is favored for better accuracy. I’d like to get a better look at the projectile and possibly a gel test before using the SilentStrike for any serious work. However I’d love to hear and see some run through a suppressed AR.

    Details below.

    SilentStrike .223

    SilentStrikeTM is the worlds only full functioning 223 subsonic round that will operate the AR and M4 weapon platform at 975 FPS in semi and full auto.

    SilentStrikeTM uses a dense compressed powder metal core to achieve bullet densities that allow the round to generate sufficient gas pressure to operate the gun.

    SilentStrikeTM can be engineered to act as a solid if penetration is needed or as a frangible if fragmentation is needed for greater tissue damage. A 1×7 twist is required for best results. It will work at a limited range in a 1×9 but will not be as accurate at the longer ranges. No modifications to the host weapon is needed. SilentStrike is based upon a stock factory spec which is a H buffer, stock recoil spring and a min .065-.070 gas port.

    SilentStrikeTM delivers whether the user is a varmint hunter, law enforcement personnel, or part of a covert team needing astonishing stealth combined with maximum power and performance.



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    Whether a law enforcement or military team that needs astonishing stealth combined with maximum power and performance, SilentStrike™ delivers. SilentStrike™ fully functions in semi and full auto in the M4, AR, H&K 416 weapons platform at a silent 1050 FPS. No modification to the weapon is needed. SilentStrike™ is available in a solid lead core, lead powdered metal, and tungsten core. The fragmenting SilentStrike™ core gives excellent results in soft tissue even at sub-sonic velocities. Can also be produced in the Covert, non-cycling configuration.



    SilentStrike L (SSL)223 97gr is a fully functional subsonic round that is more economical to shoot than the SST which is our Tactical frangibleTungsten powdered metal core. The SSL is a jacketed NON frangible designed to function the M4, AR15 at 1020 FPS. Not only is this round great for target shooting it also an effective hunting round.


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