Savage Arms Upgrades B Series Rifles with Walnut-Stained, Hardwood Stocks


    The Savage Arms “B” Series rifles have really taken off with rimfire shooters. What started out as a rifle platform for the newer .17 Winchester Super Magnum (.17 WSM) has now evolved into all your common rimfire calibers. Moreover, they are continually finding new ways to keep people’s interest by upping the curb appeal. The latest edition will now feature a Walnut-Stained, Hardwood stock which improves the curb appeal for those who dislike synthetic stocks while keeping the price affordable.

    The new offerings of this Walnut-Stained, Hardwood “B” Series are as follows:

    • B22 G | .22 LR | 21″ Barrel | MSRP $439
    • B22 MAGNUM G | .22 WMR | 21″ Barrel | MSRP $459
    • B17 G | .17 HMR | 21″ Barrel | MSRP $459

    If you are wondering what the “G” denotes in the name of these Savage rifles, it stands for a hardwood stock. Savage Arms, like many companies, has their own devised labeling system to better differentiate models.

    Some other features to these rifles are the standard, but always impressive AccuTrigger; a drilled and tapped receiver with scope mounts; an intuitive top-tang safety; and adjustable iron sights.

    What catches my eye the most about this rifle is the unique checkering on the pistol grip area and forearm. It appears to have two large, press-checkered sections where one might expect with additional slotted checkering areas next to them. Although those additional areas may not aid in dexterity it once again creates a unique look setting itself apart from other rimfire rifles.

    A simple press statement from Savage Arms exudes exactly how proud they are of this rifle series:

    Savage Arms took bolt-action rimfire performance to new heights when it introduced the B Series rifle platform. The iconic American gun maker is pleased to expand the lineup for 2017 by adding the new B Series Hardwood. Shipments of the new rifle are being delivered to dealers.

    Like Savage stated, you should be seeing these in store soon fluttering around that $439 – $459 price point if not lower.

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