POTD: 40 mm Madritsch ML40 Grenade Launcher

    Today’s Photo is training and shooting with 40 mm grenade launchers, by soldiers in the military academy in the Austrian Army.

    They are using the Madritsch Weapon Technology ML40, launching 40×46 mm grenades.

    Notice the Aimpoint Micro, I suspect those are H2s or possible T2s for NVG.

    However it looks like the protective rubber “bikini” is on in at least the main pictures, so it might be that they are using the iron sights instead for this exercise?

    Madritsch Weapon Technology ML40

    You can find out more about the Austrian Madritsch MWT ML40 here: http://en.madritsch.eu/ml40-mk1

    Whether it is to be used under barrel on every kind of an assault rifle or stand alone, its quick release mount with an optional Picatinny rail connectivity allows it to switch from one scenario to another in a split of seconds. Made from highest quality materials like hard anodized, forged aircraft aluminum 7075 T6 the ML40 mk1 can stand the hardest conditions (Nato AC 225 proven), always satisfying the user with uncompromising reliability. The compact, light weight design allows it to be stored away easily even when space is an issue. Combined with the fast aiming Ringsight the ML40mk1 is a complete solution for all applications associated with the use of 40mm weapons, supporting mission readiness in times of changing warfare.
    Equipped with a red dot sight the ML40mk1 offers the possibility to take control of point targets on short distances.

    According to the intended field of use (stand alone, under lunged, Police Forces, Military, Military Police) the ML40mk1 grenade launcher offers a wide variety of “customized” options.

    A few of the non lethal 40 mm grenades available: CZ Gas and Flash Bangs. (Blitz & Knall).

    I don’t know if you have ever shot a 40 mm, but the drop is considerable. However they are pretty accurate. Not sniper rifle accurate, but with the Aimpoint it’s a lot better than you imagined.

    All photos by Thomas Lampersberger.

    Another Austrian Grenade Launcher is the Steyr GL 40. You can find more information about the “competitor” here: https://www.steyr-mannlicher.com/en/steyr-gl-40

    It’s a pretty clever design, as the Steyr GL 40 can be used as a stand alone grenade launcher, or as an under barrel launcher.  For instance on the Steyr AUG 3.

    The trigger on the STEYR GL 40 is double action only, and the operation and loading is breech style, with a break-action barrel.

    YouTube: Madritsch MWT-40 40×46 mm

    And the STEYR AUG A3 GL 40 “Over The Beach”video here.