Full Auto H&K PSG-1

    Yes you read that correctly. An H&K PSG-1 converted to full auto. This is not a G3 converted into a PSG-1. It is an original PSG-1. Taylor Pickerell took a PSG-1 and installed an auto sear. Why? Why not!!! Make everything full auto just because.


    The conversion was actually very easy. According to Taylor this set up costs about $55k. $18k for the PSG-1 and $37k for the transferable sear pack.


    H&K reposted the video and here is their response.

    Probably the best video of the year. Things you DO NOT do to a PSG1. 1) Give it an ‘HK Slap’ 2) Shoot steel cased ammo. 3) Switch out the trigger for a full auto one. However, the gun ran like a Swiss watch, or should we say an HK. A tip of the hat to the crazy Taylor Pickerell from Buhler Ballistics

    When Taylor took the PSG-1 out of the case and was getting a magazine he nonchalantly mentioned “oh that is loaded backwards”. I think in reference to the infamous “backwards bullet” H&K catalog photo.


    H&K even responded to it. Not sure, but this may be a shot at FN and the issues some have had recently.

    Do you even Truck Gun?

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