Battlearms Wood Stock now available

    Battle Arms Development, Nevada USA, have released three pieces of highly desirable wood.

    You can spot them in the picture above, taken by TracerX.

    Made from Grade A French (is that going to put people off?) Walnut we find a handguard, a pistol grip and a cheek rest.

    In a world of metal, polymer and other synthetic materials this is a development I welcome.

    I get quite a lot of Stg 44 vibes from these pictures. The AR15 is well disguised.


    GOT WOOD?!? The gun that broke the internet is finally ready in an affordable package! The Grade A French Walnut Handguard and Pistol Grip plus the Chemical Resistant Wood Patterned SS Cheek Rest.


    “Cheek rests will be available for the BAD-CSS bolt-on VERT Stock or the BAD-PDW Monolithic Lower versions. The wood handguard is designed to be drop-in fit into our 6.7″ or 9.5” RIGIDRAIL

    Below: Detailed photo of the pistol grip. It looks like this grip has a deeper angle, more PDW friendly.

    Below: Another shot of the Battle Arms Development VERT PDW Woodie. This photo is from ZERO7ONE.

    You can find their Instagram here also.

    Note that the pistol grip looks a little different on this one, not sure this is the final production version.

    The price starts from $350. You have to call them to purchase, it’s not yet available online. I hope they have not sold out, but it’s highly likely.

    The webpage of Battle Arms Development can be found here, including contact information for your telephone call:
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