Federal Makes Non-Typical Whitetail More Common than You Think


    Federal makes a lot of ammunition for firearm enthusiasts. Like, A LOT. Whether you are a target shooter, weekend brass burner, serious hunter, or lover of all the shooting sports, Federal makes some ammo tailored to your endeavors. Most recently and more specifically, Federal has developed a new line of ammunition for the whitetail deer hunter. Aptly named Non-Typical Whitetail, this series of ammo utilizes a soft point tip in common and popular deer hunting calibers.

    • .243 Win | 100-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • 6.5 Creedmoor | 140-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • .270 Win | 130-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • .270 Win | 150-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • 7mm Rem Mag | 150-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $27.95
    • .30-30 Win | 150-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $19.95
    • .30-30 Win | 170-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $19.95
    • .308 Win | 150-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • .308 Win | 180-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • .30-06 Sprg | 150-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • .30-06 Sprg | 180-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $21.95
    • .300 Win Mag | 150-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $27.95
    • .300 Win Mag | 180-Grain Soft Point | MSRP $27.95

    The motives behind this line of ammunition is to offer quality ammo at an affordable price which appears to be accomplished. Non-Typical Whitetail employs all Federal components such as the brass and primer. With a hard-hitting bullet like the storied soft point it provides quality expansion to put down deer for hunters as well.

    Federal had this to say about their new line of ammunition that is just in time for fall deer hunting seasons:

    Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce its launch of Non-Typical, a full line of ammunition specifically built for the American deer hunter. The competitively priced rifle loads are available in 13 popular hunting cartridges and bullet weight options, including a 140-grain 6.5 Creedmoor. Shipments of this new ammunition are being delivered to dealers.

    The MSRP pricing stated above is just that; a market suggested retail price. Keeping that in mind you will be seeing this ammo on store shelves for cheaper than that making it very affordable.

    Finally, you have to be wondering with a red, white and blue box… and a name like “Non-Typical Whitetail”… who could Federal possibly be trying to compete with?…

    I will throw out a wild guess, but I could be wrong… Hornady American Whitetail? But it is merely a guess.

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