Postcards from the German Kampfschwimmers

    A few postcards landed on our doorstep and we feel obliged to share them.

    Apparently the Kampfschwimmers (“Combat Swimmers”) have been busy traveling the World.

    At least some of the destinations look far away from German soil!

    Some say the have visited the Key West, USA?

    The Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine is a German commando amphibious warfare force, and the Special Forces of the German Navy. The unit was set up as Germany joined NATO in 1955.

    They operate covertly and hunt terrorists as well as pirates and rescue hostages.

    They have over 50 years of experience, and they are the oldest special unit of the Bundeswehr (Germany’s Armed Forces).

    Below: An unsual landing for most. But not for the Kampfschwimmers. Jumping out of a C160 from 7 000 meters down in the sea.

    Transfer from the landing spot. Note the HK “shark fin”. If you see it breaking the surface, you’re in big trouble.

    Landing on the beach. G36 and HK417 (I think).

    Below: Ejecting brass from the HK G36. I think that is an empty G36 magazine floating around.

    Great camouflage

    Night Vision compatible.

    [EDIT] Below: Looks like we spotted a Heckler & Koch MP7 in camouflage, suppressed.

    The wrong end of a sniper rifle. I think that is a HK417. Possibly a Schmidt & Bender?

    Note the side mounted red dot. Gloves from Mechanix.

    G36 again. Smile for the flash.

    This is why you should paint the inside of your protective lid as well.

    Some say this might be a from Key West, USA.

    Submerged and supressed Heckler & Koch G36K A4.

    The only thing that is water tight on this HK G36 rifle is probably the optics. Hopefully the ammunition too.

    YouTube: Kampfschwimmer | KSM | Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine

    All pictures from Bundeswehr, Martin Stollberg, Andrea Bienert.


    Make sure you check the Kampfschwimmer Marine website:


    Also don’t miss the Facebook video they made for us, and see the team take out the Tangos: HERE.

    Eric B

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