KRISS Vector Modular Rail handguard

    The Modular Rail Handguard for the Kriss Vector is now available, in stock.

    I wish I had a Kriss Vector, just as a “fun gun” for my collection and still my curiosity.


    The KRISS Vector MK1 Modular Rail features female threading along the three o’clock, six o’clock, and nine o’clock surfaces for the attachment of the included KRISS Vector Picatinny Side Rail Kit.

    It seems Kriss missed the opportunity to make it MLOK compatible, which I think is going to upset a few potential customers. A potential deal breaker for many?


    The materials is hard anodized aluminum and is designed as bolt on hand guard extension for the KRISS Vector CRB.


    It mounts directly to the body of the KRISS Vector and will fit the KRISS Vector GEN II model.

    The shape of the handguard follows the Vector’s shape, and it’s milled to reduce weight.

    It looks like the new Kriss handguard “blends in” perfectly with the original firearm.


    Overall Length 8.375″ / 213mm
    Overall Width 2″ / 50.8mm
    Internal Width 1.72″ / 43.7mm
    Internal Height 2.625″ / 66.7mm
    Weight 8oz / 226.7g


    The prices is just short of 150 USD.

    This includes: “KRISS Vector Modular Rail for GEN II CRB. Includes one Picatinny Side Rail Kit and mounting hardware.”

    The Picatinny Side Rail Kit is 27 USD (if you need one more) and can be found here:

    Please check KRISS’ homepage for ordering and more details:

    For KRISS Vector GEN I owners, please check this link:

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