Strike Industries Oppressor QD Blast Shield

    Surprise! Strike Industries has another new product coming soon. This time around it’s a new blast shield called the Oppressor. They’re claiming it’s “the next evolution in concussion reduction devices”. If you’ve stood next to someone on the firing line with a muzzle brake then I’m sure you’ve felt and heard the massive concussion they can put out. Most other blast shield, diverters or concussion reduction add-ons simply redirect the muzzle blast forward, however this also reduces the effectiveness of your muzzle brake.

    The new Strike Industries Oppressor helps to solve this, they used “computer aided flow dynamics” to come up with an internal geometry that draws the gasses out and through vents at the front of the blast shield for improved recoil and muzzle rise reduction while still diverting the blast away from the shooter. The Oppressor is made out of 1045 Carbon steel with a black nitride finish. It’s 2.9″ in length and weights in at 9.5oz.

    It attaches via a proprietary quick detach system and works with the Strike Industries Venom, Checkmate, King Comp, Mini King Comp, J-Comp Gen2, Sierra Comp, and Triple Crown muzzle devices. Unlike many of Strike Industries’ other products it’s not very budget friendly as it retails for $105.95. Many of the other blast shields on the market go for around that or more however.

    Ray I.

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