POTD: Russian Land Warrior, Sort Of . . .

    Thanks to Hrachya for sharing this. This was posted on Made In Russia Facebook page.

    Automatic A-545 (former AEK-971) with wireless goggles for hitting targets from the shelter. / Автомат А-545 (бывший АЕК-971

    The AEK-971 is a Russian (formerly the Soviet Union) selective fire 5.45×39mmassault rifle that was developed at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant (KMZ) by chief designer Sergey Koksharov in the late 1970s and 1980s (currently manufactured by Degtyarev Plant).

    The A-545 is a successor variant of the AEK-971 that was announced on 23 December 2014, which features numerous internal and external improvements over its predecessor.

    It says it uses wireless goggles which I assume show what the optic is seeing so the soldier can fire around corners.

    If you recall, Tracking Point did something similar using Google Glass and their optic system.


    The optic on the Russian AEK-545 looks rather small to contain all that technology. I am very interested to know more about it.