Home Depot Based 1911 look alike, “Kolt 380”

    Clinton Westwood is no stranger to TFB, having been covered previously for different versions of his homemade barrel rifling tool, the first one slightly rough, and the second one much more refined. He has made a name for himself on Youtube through the various DIY firearms and devices that he produces from simple machines, tools, and materials that one could find at most hardware stores. The guy is extremely talented, and perhaps given a chance at working with a modern firearms manufacturer and a small budget, could probably do very well.

    In his latest iteration, he has produced a sort of 1911 lookalike that he calls the “Kolt 380”, that will be eventually chambered in .380 ACP, using nothing but off the shelf components. It looks like this current build isn’t fully operational yet, and still has some ways to go, but he appears to be in the right direction. Hopefully, he has his chamber pressures worked out well enough that he will conduct testing in a safe manner. Innovation like this is very refreshing to see among all the high-end companies out there, seeing what is possible at an individual level of imagination.

    From his description of the “Kolt 380”-

    My latest build is progressing well and somewhat beyond my low expectations. A little background, I have completed two “garage builds” in the past, both of which were mentioned on TFB. If anything, it brings the critics and haters out:) The ¬†little Krikit continues to perform well. My latest build is a simplified version of Professor Parabellum’s MK.2 sheet metal pistol. I’ve take some liberties and so far it hasn’t bit me.

    Anyway, I was laying out the slide grips today and decided to dress the build up in it’s big boy/girl pants and do a glamour shot. I have to love the build to complete it.I have started to round some of the harsher corners off. I’m pleased so far.

    Thanks so much Clinton for bringing your projects to our attention!


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