Federal Premium Unveils Edge TLR Ammo for Connecting Long-Range on Big Game

    Edge TLR

    When it comes to hunting elk, mule deer, antelope or any game you wish to connect on from a different zip code there are obstacles to overcome. For one, you need the accuracy to hit your mark. Second, you need enough energy to humanely put down your game once you do connect. Federal Premium believes they have an answer to this dilemma. With Edge TLR ammunition, Federal Premium serves up accuracy, effective expansion and high weight retention. Currently, this new line of ammunition is available in four different calibers.

    • .308 Win | 175-Grain Edge TLR | MSRP $47.95
    • .30-06 Sprg | 175-Grain Edge TLR | MSRP $47.95
    • .300 Win Mag | 200-Grain Edge TLR | MSRP $59.95
    • .300 Win Short Mag | 200-Grain Edge TLR | MSRP $59.95

    What could very well be the “secret sauce” to this load from Federal is the tip. The Slipstream tip takes a trick that Hornady applied in their ELD bullet’s Heat Shield tip. By using an extremely heat resistant polymer the tip does not deform in flight ensuring it is more true to its path. This increases the ballistic coefficient; thus, the accuracy.

    Federal Premium glowingly brags about the Edge TLR ammunition through a statement in this new product release:

    Unlike so-called long-range projectiles that can fail to perform on impact at lower velocities downrange, the Edge TLR bullet uses the exclusive Slipstream tip to instantly initiate deadly expansion. The tip is also crafted from the industry’s most heat-resistant polymer for the most consistent ballistics possible.

    At close range, the bullet’s copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for deep, reliable penetration. Its long, sleek profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient, and AccuChannel groove technology improves accuracy and reduces drag across the range spectrum.

    You can decide for yourself if this ammunition is the exact medicine you need for your next elk hunt. The Edge TLR ammo should be shipping to dealers soon.

    Finally, here is Federal Premium’s promotional video for the new Edge TLR line of ammunition.

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