Reloaders Can Now Send Syntech Down Range through their Own Handloads


    Federal has announced two different component bullets now available for handloaders within the last week. The 2nd one being their unique Syntech bullet that is encapsulated in polymer. Could this be a trend towards Federal attacking the reloading bullets market?… Time will definitely tell. For now, we will take a look at the Syntech bullet now available as a component for reloaders.

    The beauty of the Syntech bullet that reloaders may soon come to love is in the polymer jacket. This jacket has a host of benefits including eliminating copper fouling, lead fouling, extending barrel lives and decreasing heat and friction. All of this also makes it easier to clean your firearm’s barrel at the end of the day.

    Federal went on to further advocate for their new component bullet that will soon be hitting store shelves:

    Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce it is now offering popular American Eagle Syntech Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) bullets as components for handloading, allowing both competitive and casual shooters to load Syntech to their own specifications and pressures. The competitively priced component bullets are available in three popular handgun caliber options. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

    With an exclusive TSJ polymer jacket that eliminates copper fouling and decreases heat and friction, Syntech loads have redefined the range ammunition category. Now handloaders can get the benefits of the same groundbreaking design in Syntech component bullets. The advanced range projectiles provide clean, accurate, consistent performance, as well as less splash-back on steel targets.

    The current bullet offerings you can get are from likely suspects. Basically, your standard 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP lovers are covered.

    • 9mm | .355” | 115-Grain Syntech | 100-count | MSRP $16.95
    • .40 S&W | .400” | 165-Grain Syntech | 100-count | MSRP $18.95
    • .45 ACP | .451” | 230-Grain Syntech | 100-count | MSRP $21.95

    It will be interesting to see if Federal begins to offer more calibers and grain weights under this polymer-encapsulated bullet. They could also offer more bullet types that are entirely new or expand through their recently announced Trophy Copper bullets. Lots of possibilities abound for Federal in their latest exploration in selling reloading components.

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