HK433 – The first practical test

    What has been called “The German ACR” has now been tested by

    Almost seven months has passed since the HK433 was launched at EnforceTac 2017 in Nurnberg, Germany.

    If you have missed the news, or need to refresh your memory you can check TFB’s previous article.

    Now had the opportunity to examine and test fire the new Heckler & Koch 433 at the Special Forces Workshop in Güstrow, Germany. is a portal featuring technical, cultural and leisure information that is dedicated to the World’s shooters and gun enthusiasts.

    Photo: – Tino Schmidt

    The housing is made out of light weight metals, lighter and at the same time more rigid than the polymer found on the HK G36 that the HK433 might be destined to replace in the future.

    Hopefully the HK433 will combine the strengths of the HK416 and the G36, with none of the weaknesses.

    Apart from the obvious Black color there is also version in Green and Brown (Flat Dark Earth). The difference in color matching is supposed to break up the signature of the rifle at long distances.


    The barrel is available in six different lengths and can be changed on operator level (if allowed).

    The HK433 is available in these barrel lengths: 280 mm (11 inches), 318 mm (12.5 inches), 368 mm (14.5 inches), 421 mm (16.5 inches), 480 mm (18.9 inches ) and 503 mm (20 inches).

    The version tested by All4Shooters was a 14.5″ which offers a good compromise between ergonomics and ballistic performance. I have shot my own AR15s with 14.5″ side by side with my 18″, and there is really no difference in precision between them, the difference is the power they deliver at the end of the 300 meters.

    Photo: – Tino Schmidt

    The weight of the rifle tested was around 3,400 grams (3,4 kg or 7.49 pounds).

    The total length was 93 cm and with the stock folded only 63 cm. In case of emergency the HK433 will fire with the stock folded.

    The stock can be adjusted in five positions.

    The HK433 is fully ambidextrous and the rifle can be changed from a right to left condition without the use of tools.

    Photo: – Tino Schmidt Charging handle similar to the HK G3.


    If wanted, the HK433 can be supplied with a shot counter to provide the gun smith with information how much wear the rifle had. I’m sure these options will become popular for any Armed Forces trying to keep a record of maintenance costs and intervals.

    The practical test

    The HK416 shots at about 850 rounds per minute in fully automatic. This has been reduced in the HK433 to around 700 rounds per minute, to allow for better recoil management.

    The testers were very impressed with the quality and feeling of the trigger.

    According to the data sheet the trigger should break at 2 400 grams (5,3 pounds), but had a very short reset. This allowed for very fast single shots in Semi Auto Mode. concluded that the HK433 is based on well tried and tested technologies which is combined with good ergonomics and modularity.

    The HK433 will for sure be on of the hottest contenders to win the contract for the Germany Army.

    Photo: – Tino Schmidt


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