POTD: The World’s Bravest Fox

    This is one of the “once in a lifetime moments.”

    As I was instructing a fellow shooter I noticed some movement in the sand around our targets.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was eye to eye with a fox just meters away.

    For some reason it seems it didn’t notice us and I tried to grab my camera and switch it on. You can see the surprised look of the fox as I shouted to him and took a picture.

    In terms of firepower, the fox was heavily outnumbered by a JP Enterprises CTR-02 .223 Rem, a JP Enterprises NC-22 in .22LR and a MEGA Arms in .223 Rem.

    It looked like a healthy puppy, probably starved and looking for food – in the wrong place!

    In case you wonder, the fox survived.

    We like the local wildlife; from snakes to foxes on the ground to buzzards and the occasional eagle in the sky.

    Which random wildlife encounters have you had at the shooting range?