Would You Reload a Bear Claw? Federal Premium Now Selling their Trophy Bonded Tip

    Trophy Bonded Tip

    Federal Ammunition has produced a lot of great ammo over the years. Some of it utilizes other brand’s bullets creating optimal performance while on some occasions it is a bullet from Federal’s own handiwork. Federal Premium’s Trophy Bonded Bear Claw ammunition using a Trophy Bonded Tip definitely fits that definition. Reloaders everywhere will have something new to try because Federal is now offering that tip as a reloading component.

    Initially, it will be offered in three different diameters with two grain weights each as seen below.

    • .270 caliber | 0.277” | 130-grain Trophy Bonded Tip | 50-count | MSRP $34.95
    • .270 caliber | 0.277” | 140-grain Trophy Bonded Tip | 50-count | MSRP $31.95
    • 7mm caliber | 0.284” | 140-grain Trophy Bonded Tip | 50-count | MSRP $34.95
    • 7mm caliber | 0.284” | 160-grain Trophy Bonded Tip | 50-count | MSRP $31.95
    • .30 caliber | 0.308” | 165-grain Trophy Bonded Tip | 50-count | MSRP $31.95
    • .30 caliber | 0.308” | 180-grain Trophy Bonded Tip | 50-count | MSRP $29.95

    The MSRP for these 50-count boxes is pretty steep considering its Federal Premium’s first attempt at offering these to the public. Although, Bear Claw ammunition and the Trophy Bonded Tip does have a legendary reputation and shooters have begged for years to see these available for reloading. Reloaders now have their wish answered.

    The features of these bullets that Federal Premium is touting to the public goes as such:

    • Polymer tip material provides the industry’s highest heat resistance for the most consistent ballistics
    • Boat-tail design for flat trajectories and match-grade accuracy
    • Robust bonding maximizes weight retention
    • Solid shank for bone-crushing penetration
    • Grooved shank minimizes fouling and improves accuracy
    • Offered in bullet diameters and weights perfect for the most popular big game cartridges

    Deliveries of these bullets should be headed to your nearest gun shop (that stocks reloading supplies). Time will be able to tell if the legendary Bear Claw ammunition can be replicated by handloaders and if the expensive price tag is well worth it.

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