UPDATE: Olympic Arms Restructuring; NOT Closing Its Doors

    Olympic Arms
    We reported here at TFB in late January that Olympic Arms announced that they were shutting down. The effective timeline of when that would occur was not set in stone. Like many companies that close their doors, it is a very unexpected and fluid transition out of the market. Many shooters have noticed that Olympic Arms has continued to sell parts and even some rifles all the way into this summer. This has drawn a lot of suspicion that maybe Olympics Arms is not leaving us… Well, to answer that question, Olympic Arms is here to stay for the time being! Olympic Arms offered up this Status Update to many dealers and distributors recently to keep everyone in the loop.
    [Olympia, Washington] – Thank you all for your years of patronage, and for continuing your interest with Olympic Arms. As time moves forward, we’d like to update our customers and followers with the latest information regarding the changes here at Olympic Arms.
    First of all, we’d like to apologize for any confusion that currently may exist. Circumstances since our original announcement made January 2017 have changed, and remain fluid. During this period of change, we’d like to assure you that Olympic Arms remains open and active, and that you may continue to purchase with confidence.
    Current market trends are forcing a restructuring of operations and an inevitable downsizing. However, at this time our full intent is to continue uninterrupted operations and pursue a variety of options that allow us to move forward continuing our innovation in the AR15 industry, and the possible expansion into other arenas within the industry. No paths are off-limits to our consideration.
    You may have heard or understood that Olympic Arms is in the process of entertaining offers for the sale or restructuring of the company. This too is accurate. Some offers being considered include the complete transfer of ownership of Olympic Arms, while others may include a reorganization and moving forward with the same or similar management. At this time, we are not certain which outcome will prevail, so we continue to move forward with the utmost optimism.
    It is probable that whatever solution is found, Olympic Arms will relocate within the next calendar year. This relocation will likely be a local move, but if the company is sold as entire entity, this decision will be made at that time, and every effort will be pursued to offer continued service to our entire customer base.
    Thank you again for all your kind words, emails and phone calls of support during this challenging time. We will do our best to keep you posted as things progress.
    Many AR-15 companies have faced difficult times in the last year going through a very soft market for black guns. It is promising knowing that Olympic Arms will be around longer; hopefully another 40 years.

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