Swedish SWAT – LWRCI IC-Enhanced in action

    Four armed and masked robbers were hunted by the Swedish SWAT in Gothenburg.

    They managed to hunt and locate three robbers. After some more searching they managed to find the fourth robber in the vicinity.

    The SWAT Team were seen carrying LWRCI IC-Enhanced (IC-E) rifles.

    Source: Reader picture from Aftonbladet.

    Source: Reader picture from Aftonbladet.

    Due to the poor quality of the image it’s difficult to identify the optics, but I guess Aimpoint Micro with a magnifier, possibly with a Spuhr mount / raiser. By the looks of it, the sling is the same as the reference below. The pistol is most likely a SIG. To my knowledge no shots were fired.

    Below are the unique TFB pictures of the IC-E as used by the Swedish Police.

    This is the second time (to my knowledge) that the new Swedish Police IC-E rifle is seen in public, this time in a real manhunt.

    TFB reported previously about this, and this article with more in-depth information is available here.

    In the turmoil during the chase, as they were running and crossing the E20 highway, one police was hit by a car by accident. Unfortunately he did not survive.

    Sources: Aftonbladet and Expressen.

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