Success! AR-trigger fitted to the B&T APC

    With B&T Firearms now available in the US there is more and more activity in various groups on social media. Before there were only really a few selected individuals who could own B&Ts, mainly in Europe.

    To reply to some of the comments and criticism I’ve seen in the feedback here. Yes, some of the writers here at TFB do own B&T firearms. For instance, I have two B&T APC9s (SBRs).

    And they do a lot of R&D and push out a lot of new interesting products, therefore you see them in your flow although they might be a relatively small company.

    Ever since I bought my first B&T APC and had a closer look in the insides I’ve been wondering if an AR trigger would fit?

    I’ve been to the B&T factory in Thun, Switzerland, I’ve been to the B&T stands at many exhibitions but no one could really reply to my question if an AR15 would fit. The question was kind of avoided.

    I’m no gunsmith, but the trigger pin playout in the APC9 is the same as the AR15, and there are many other similarities.

    The trigger on the B&T APC9 isn’t bad, but it can be improved.

    Instead of breaking my APC9 apart I chose to leave it. My curiosity was still there, but I wanted to own an original product with B&T only inside and outside.

    Thankfully Peter Jancola in the B&T Firearms Facebook group had the courage to find out for us. With his permission you can read about his experience and watch these pictures.

    He took his APC9 apart and put an Elftmann Tactical AR10 trigger in it. Not a bad choice, they make great triggers. Here’s his story:

    Just wanted to follow up with the trigger swap. Incredibly happy with the set-up, I’ll be doing it to my APC233 next! I have the trigger set at just shy of three pounds. It is incredibly crisp, as the Elftmanns always are, and gun shoots way faster. I ran about 300 rounds through it without a hiccup. On a side note, using a drop in trigger requires anti-walk pins (AR ones are too short to work on the B&T receiver), the Elftmann trigger has screws that tension it against the bottom of the receiver and against the pins and keeps them from falling out.


    I went with the AR-10 version of the trigger because it has a slightly heavier Hammer, it’s what I had to put in my 9mm AR to get it to run properly.

    I have been told by someone at B&T that an AR fire control group can be swapped out with the B&T FCG. The drop in triggers is where it gets tricky. The differences are things like the width of the receiver, the hammer and sear pins are slightly longer on the B&T because the receiver is slightly wider. Those kinds of differences aren’t going to make any differences in terms of functionality.


    The pin locations and layout is identical to an AR15 FCG, it’s the FCG pocket in the lower that isn’t compatible with all drop-in AR15 triggers. Essentially, B&T used their own AR15 trigger made in house for the APC’s, as you can take them out and install them in a standard AR in just the same way. Why start from scratch with a FCG when there’s a perfectly good FCG already available with tons of aftermarket support? Sort of like how the Mega Arms Maten is an AR10 but uses an AR15 FCG while the lower isn’t machined to standard pocket specs. They both accept AR15 triggers, they just won’t accept ALL of them. Has nothing to do with liability.


    The APC utilizes in AR style trigger. Any mil-spec AR trigger will fit in the APC. The key being mil-spec which makes many drop-ins a bit challenging however they do work. I was able to modify a CMC drop in and it worked fine. One of the things you lose however is the ability to put the weapon on safe when it is not charged. It’s just a feature that domestic trigger manufacturers do not incorporate like the Europeans.

    The B&T receiver is thicker than an AR receiver so you can’t use traditional anti-walk pins. The Elftmann comes with a small plate and tensioning screw that tension it between the bottom of the receiver and the pins, holding them in place the same way anti-walk pins would.


    Obviously, as we’re dealing with firearms and safety. If you decide to make this trigger swap or modify your B&T firearm please make sure you know what you’re doing and check with the producer before.

    You can find more information about Elftmann Tactical here:

    Eric B

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