New Version of Century Red Army 7.62x39mm Boat Tail FMJ Ammo Starts Shipping To Retailers

    Century Arms has started shipping the new version 7.62x39mm boat tail FMJ ammo to retailers, making AK guys pretty dang happy I imagine. The new load will be sold under Century’s Red Army Label and will have some features that most AK shooters will undoubtedly appreciate quite a lot.

    What sets the new ammo apart from other steel cases, non-corrosive ammunition currently on the market? Century says that this ammo has been sealed around the neck and the primer in a way that is similar to mil-spec ammunition that has been off the civilian market for some time. The load will also feature a boat tail bullet that should improve ballistics and accuracy.

    We have some of this ammo in our possession to see if we notice a marked improvement over the standard cheap steel cased ammo that has been for sale for some time. Look for coverage of it in the near future on TFBTV.

    MSRP on the new ammunition is $5 per box of 20 rounds, a case of 1,000 rounds will set you back $250 if you happen to buy it at the suggested retail price. You can order it at your favorite ammunition retailer or check out the Red Army Standard website to learn more about the new Red Army 7.62x39mm ammo.