New FAB Defense GL-CORE CP Stock and GCCP Cheek Rest

    Several months ago FAB Defense has introduced a new AR-15 buffer tube compatible stock called GL-CORE. Recently they have released an upgraded version of that stock which features a three-position adjustable cheek riser added to the initial design. The new stock is called GL-CORE CP.

    The cheek riser is marketed to be especially useful for AK-47 and VZ-58 rifles and their derivatives. It allows adjusting a proper cheek weld height when using these rifles with optics. This stock comes in three color options – black, OD green and FDE.

    If you already have a GL-CORE stock but like this newer version more or need it to use with a scope on your AK, you don’t have to get the entire new stock. FAB Defense has also introduced the cheek rest as a separate product. It will fit the GL-CORE stocks thus converting and upgrading them to GL-CORE CP.

    GCCP cheek riser shown on a GL-CORE stock

    The separate cheek rest is called GCCP. It is a user installable part and doesn’t require gunsmithing skills to fit it to the GL-CORE stock. It provides about 1.5″ (40 mm) of cheek weld raise and adds 4.5 oz (128 grams) to the stock weight. The GCCP cheek rest is made of glass reinforced polymer and comes in the same color options as the GL-CORE CP stock.

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