Pardus Updates The LAX12 Lever Action Shotguns

    Turkish firearms manufacturer Pardus has just announced an update to their line of LAX12 lever action shotguns. Now with a ‘MF’ designation, the new models are removable box magazine fed rather than tube fed like its predecessors.

    For some reason I find myself drawn to a lever action .410 shotgun for no other fact that it’s different from everything else on the market. I do wonder about magazine availability, functioning as well as the action itself being ergonomic enough to be useful.

    I was unable to find a stocking importer or dealer in the U.S. but prices in Australia range from $250 to $1100 spending on the model.

    I’d like to hear from our readers: does anyone own a Pardus LAX12 or any lever action shotgun at all for that matter? Do you like it and what role does it fill in your collection?


    Based on the same lever system as LAX12, LAX12 MF is the new type with detachable magazine option. LAX12 MF gives the feeling of a more tactical usage as well fast loading with detachable magazines with different capacities.





    • Gauge: 12/76 (3”), 36/76-.410 (3”)
    • System : Lever Action, Mag Fed
    • Capacity : Mag Fed 5+1, 10+1
    • Barrel : 76 cm (30”) / 71 cm (28”) / 66 cm (26”) / 61 cm (24”) / 55 cm (22”) / 51 cm (20”) / 46 cm (18”)
    • Choke : Interchangable or Fixed
    • Receiver : Aluminium Alloy
    • RIB / SIGHT : 8 mm or Adjustable Sight
    • Stock : Walnut, Synthetic or Camouflage
    • Finish : Glossy or Matte
    • Weight : 2.900 – 3.100 gr. (Depends on Barrel Length)
    • Optional Extras: -Different receiver color finishes -Marine (White Chrome) finish. -Oil finish stock set -Extended choke set -Tactical options

    Over these past 10 years; Pardus; launched a few times of 10 different products; expanded its market to more than 4 times of 10 countries; reached more than 10 times of 10 thousand total unit of product sales; increased turnover more than 10 times of beginning years’; continuously exhibited in international conventions and fairs since 10 years; had more than 10 patented innovations on guns already launched and most to be launched in our 10th year.


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