Limited Colt SAA Revolvers in Classic Calibers

    Colt SAA

    Colt Single Action Army revolver fans take note: Talo Distributors Inc announced they are now selling a limited run of new revolvers chambered for the classic .32-20 WCF cartridge.

    According to information posted on Talo’s website, Colt’s Manufacturing made a limited run of SAA revolvers for the company. This specific one is limited to 50 guns and will be heading out to the wholesalers shortly.

    The gun is finished in royal blue and has wooden stocks. This SAA has a 5.5″ barrel. No pricing information was provided by Talo. Since this revolver is a limited run that was likely made by the Colt Custom Shop, I would expect them to retail for more than the standard SAA guns. Standard Colt SAA revolvers chambered for the .357 Magnum and .45 Colt start at $1,799.

    Although Talo did not release much information on the guns, the phrasing of its announcement makes me thing there could be other calibers released after this one. Classic cartridges like the .38-40 WCF and .44-40 WCF could generate significant interest. Of course, if all runs are limited to just 50 units, there would not have to be a lot of demand to quickly sell through them.

    The .32-30 WCF cartridge was introduced as a black powder cartridge in the early 1880’s. In addition to revolvers, lever action rifles were also made to chamber the cartridge.

    Richard Johnson

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