KGMade Ticho CZ455 Integrally Suppressed Rifle

    In the silencer world, there is nothing more sexy than a well made integrally suppressed rifle. Maintaining a near stock barrel profile, most designs are covert enough to pass as a stock firearm, that is until the trigger is pulled on a subsonic round. Georgia-based silencer manufacture KGMade is announcing a new suppressor model for the the CZ455 line of bolt action rimfire rifles. Designated the Ticho (Czech for silent) the new integral is available as a standalone option or a complete gun.

    The CZ rimfire lineup is known for its build quality and accuracy, and by the looks of their testing, KGMade has preserved the rifle’s laser like reputation while allowing for maximum signature reduction.

    My CZ455 has sat as an incomplete silencer host for to many months. I think I have just found its new identity. Details, specifications and pricing is laid out below.

    KGMade Ticho CZ455 Integral

    • Cz455 Varmit 0.875″ diameter, 20.5″ long bull barrel with 10.75″ of effective rifling.
    • The monocore integral silencer is machined into the barrel, keeping it a single stamp gun.
    • Complete gun with optic weighs 6 lbs
    • Testing achieved .240″ groups at 50 yds with Federal match ammo (sub 1/4 MOA)
    • 110-112 dB with CCI Quiet. 118 dB with CCI Standard Velocity
    • Black ceramic finish (custom colors available $50)
    • Conversion service: Send in your factory Varmit barrel, we modify and Convert to integral unit and ship back to local SOT – $500.00
    • New barrel:  Supplied barrel as a complete drop in unit – $625.00
    • Complete gun- Stock CZ455, base price is $920.00.  Available upgrades – trigger, stock, optic, custom coating, turnkey with groupings of your gun, and more
    • Available Now – email [email protected]

    KGMade Ticho

    KGMade EOS-22TD

    The KGMade team is also releasing a Ruger 10/22 take-down version of their popular EOS-22 integrally suppressed 10/22 barrel.

    • Same design as standard model
    • Slightly longer 4.8″ barrel due to stock mounting
    • Keeps up to 1200 fps ammo subsonic
    • Same 416 Stainless Match barrel as original EOS- 22
    • MSRP $545.00
    • Weight 20 OZ
    • Available 8/25/2017


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