Adjustable AK Gas Block From Dead Goose Society

    Ah, adjustable gas block, you nimble little minx. For so long you have preferred the AR flavor of rifle, shunning your Eastern Block cousins. Oh sure, there have been boutique shop runs of AK blocks that require a competent smith that go by the name of Boris or Mikhail. But why do you tempt the rest of us? AK47/74 trigger pullers deserve to suppress their rifles or run crappy ammo like everyone else, damn it! Luckily, times are changing, and this upcoming release from Dead Goose Society is evidence of that fact.

    The version seen here is a 3D printed prototype showing the right side adjustment. Fear not, production models are in the works – in either bolt on or press fit versions. Basic details below.

    New DGS adjustable gas block “ComBloc” coming soon… 😀 They will come CNC milled from a single block of hardened steel, both OEM bolt on and traditonal press fit. DGS ComBloc allows for optimal gas regulation with/or without suppression. Now regulate the AKM cycling with no need for expensive custom tuning. Patent pending.


    • 7 position adjustment including on/off.
    • Press fit and OEM bolt-on.
    • Takes traditional front sight post components.
    • Patterned after the original Polish style.
    • Fine tune your rifle for supersonic or subsonic cycling.
    • DGS quality.


    And as a preview, Tornado Suppressors, a subsidiary of DGS, has a lineup of silencers that run the gamut from rimfire to 7.62. I promise to be back with more details when I have a chance to talk with the the DGS team. Stay tuned.

    Tornado Defense Suppressors via Tactical Arms of Texas:



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