Instinctive Archery Trick Shot with two swinging bottles

    I’m sure Josh Thompson spent more than just one shot in creating this video.

    Nevertheless it’s really amazing to see the end result.

    I mean, it’s hard enough to hit one swinging target I wouldn’t even come up with the idea of trying to hit two with the same projectile.

    Below you can see a still picture of the arrow as it’s about to hit the first bottle into the second.

    As far as I can judge this video is not fake or rigged. Instead some nice longbow shooting skills and a fair amount of luck was involved for it to happen.

    In Josh’s own words:

     By far the hardest shot I’ve ever made with my longbow… timing is EVERYTHING!!

    Yeah, we’re probably talking a second split into less than hundreds for it to happen.

    YouTube: Instinctive archery trick shot – double swinging bottles.

    Perfectionist – and Josh’s spotter if he had one – will say that Josh was about half an inch to the right in both bottles…so there’s room for improvement. I’m pretty impressed with both hits, they are very small targets.

    For more of his trick shots, like hitting a golf ball at 500 yards with a .223 Rem. Savage Rifle, you can check his YouTube channel.

    Eric B

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