Grip + Knife = Gripknife

    It’s easy really: The name says it all. It’s a grip. And a knife. It’s a Gripknife.

    The company behind this invention is called SwitchGrip LLC and they describe the GripKnife as a combination between a tactical knife and a vertical grip for a firearm.

    The GripKnife attaches to your Picatinny rail. By the looks of it the blade is too long for the install (as pictured), so I guess that the blade will travel down the grip once mounted as a grip. Perhaps there is some kind of spring assist to push (and hopefully lock) the blade into position, once you need the grip to work as a knife?

    If that is the case there might be some legal considerations as the blade comes out, but please note that is purely speculation from my side. You can read more about the legal side of things on their homepage.

    To release the knife from the mount there is a button.

    I quote GripKnife’s statement from their homepage:

     Ideal for military-style carbines in close-quarter situations such as urban engagements, while inside military vehicles, or in any other situation where space is confined, the element of surprise is necessary, or the likelihood of hand-to-hand combat is great. GripKnife™ is a new revolutionary design built from advanced materials usually reserved for spaceships and surgical equipment, this technologically advanced accessory redefines knife accessibility, strength, and sets a new benchmark for tactical accessory expectations, performance, and versatility.

    Possible layout of the GripKnife on an AR15 rifle.

    There are now words if the GripKnife will be available for M-Lok or KeyMod.

     This is (more likely) what the finished knife will look like.
     More quotes:
    Introducing a rifle into close quarters situations can be problematic, and always dangerous in an already threatening position, but in most cases we don’t have a choice. A threat is there and needs to be eliminated or a structure needs to be cleared. Gripknife is one more advantage on your side. Whether U.S. Forces on the ground in a foreign country, Law Enforcement in our cities, or just protecting your home anywhere in America, CQB will never be the same.


    The Black/Black 4 inch “Patriot” is set to debut in October in limited numbers.

    The retail price for the “Patriot” will be around 400 USD.

    You can find out more at their web page:

    We’re curious. What do you think of the product?

    Eric B

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