500 Round Torture Test Of Mossberg 500

    Burst Review sacrifices himself for all of us by shooting 500 rounds of 2 & 3/4 bird shot. A couple months ago I submitted myself to something similar when I tested the new CROM by Aridus Industries. We shot 400 rounds which were mostly buck shot and a box of slugs. However I only shot half that much and Adam of Aridus shot the other half. As I mentioned in my review, the ported barrel and lengthened forcing cone helped to save our shoulders. I can sympathize with Jim of Burst Review with regards to having a dead left arm. Racking the pump even for 200 rounds was tedious, I can onl imagine having to do that another 300 times.


    The video is a bit long at just a little over an hour. It is a continuous stream of video from a few cameras recording every shot fired. Surprisingly the shotgun did not get that hot and did not experience any failures other than a sticky pump and shells getting a little stuck in the chamber. The problem was quickly rectified with a little buttstock mortaring. I experienced something similar with my 870 and had to mortar the gun a few times to extract a spent shell.

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