Smith & Wesson Expands Tactical Lights Lineup

    Smith & Wesson continues to expand well beyond its well-known realm of handguns. Over the last few years, it’s been lending its name to a variety of endeavors including knives and flashlights. Now, Smith & Wesson seems to be getting a bit more serious into the weapons light game with the introduction of two new products, the Delta Force RM-10 and RM-20,

    The new lights are aimed at the weapons market, versus Smith & Wesson’s primary EDC-type light offerings. The RM-10 and RM-20 are designed for and include a picatinny weapons mount. Further, the weapons also include a remote switch pad that features at least four settings: high, low, strobe, and momentary on. The lights have last-setting memory, so the user resumes right where they left off – handy to ensure modes are not switched accidentally.

    The two lights feature the standard assortment of specs one might light to see. CREE XPL LEDs illuminate the unit powered by CR123 batteries. The RM-10 users 1 and the RM-20, two batteries. Runtimes vary from over an hour to almost 12 hours depending on the light and settings.

    Retail pricing is aggressive. The RM-20 is only $94.99 and the RM-10, $74.99, which can be purchased from or through Smith & Wesson’s dealer and distributor network.


    Delta Force® RM-10

    • 4 inches long, weighing just under 4oz with batteries
    • Runs on 1 CR123 battery (included)
    • Runtime: 1 hour and 10 minutes on high, 3 hours and 55 minutes on low
    • 500 lumen light output
    • Beam distance of up to 204 meters

    Delta Force® RM-20

    • 5.31 inches long, weighing just under 5oz with batteries
    • Runs on 2 CR123 batteries (included)
    • Runtime: 1 hours and 15 minutes on high, 11 hours and 25 minutes on low
    • 900 lumen light output
    • Beam distance of up to 272 meters

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